Our Products

Zero Defect Products
We only believe in customer satisfaction that is why we only offer zero-defect products. We are the renowned manufacture and supplier of an exhaustive range of custom made PVC Water Stop Seal, Thermoplastic Elastomeric Water Stop, Copper/Metal Water Stop Seal, Injection Grouting Tube, H.D.P.E. Film/Sheet/Liner, L.D.P.E. Film/Sheet/Liner, Maruti Expansion Joint Filler Board, Neoprene Bearing Pad, Shuttering Rubber Sheet, Multipurpose Expansion & Contraction Joints, Hydraulic Rubber Gasket, Rubber Hoses and Rubber Mat etc. 
  Application Areas
Storage tanks; retaining walls; swimming pools; water and waste water treatment plants; subways, tunnels and culverts; dams, canals and water reservoirs; foundation, basements; pumping stations, underground chambers drainage and sewage concrete structures (sewerage treatment plants).