Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EPDM Rubber Profile

Maruti Rubber manufactures various kinds of rubber extrusions like extruded rubber products, extruded profiles, extruded rubber fender, extruded rubber "D" fender, boat fender, rubber extruded products, dock fender, manufactured as per ASTM specifications.

A variety of rubber extrusions of complex profiles and lengths are available as per the customer's requirements in EPDM, CR, NBR, and NR etc.

We manufacture these rubber extrusions as per specific sizes, shape, cross sections etc given by the customer.

Rubber Mat

Maruti Rubber Mats are applicable for human safety against possible risk of electric leakages or short-circuiting.

Maruti Rubber insertion jointing sheets are used in between the flanges to make them leakproof.
PVC handrails is used to cover the staircase of commercial Buildings, hospitals, Housing Societies etc.

Neoprene/Chloroprene Rubber Sheet is used for resistance against oil, heat, and chemicals.
Silicon rubber sheet is recommended for high temperature and resident to wide range of chemical in pharmaceutical, fertilizer, steel industries dairy plants and auto industries etc.

Nitrile Rubber sheet is applicable for high resistance to all types of petroleum products.
{Maruti Techno Rubber Pvt. Ltd.}

Rubber Hoses

Maruti Rubber Hoses are the right type of hose for your requirement. We have a wide range of hoses that are used for transfer of charged air and fluids.

Knitting, braiding, wrapping of cotton and synthetic yarns like rayon, polyester, nylon, aramid etc are suitably reinforced by us as a hose manufacturer to withstand high pressure, temperature and better vacuum collapse resistance too.

Maruti Rubber as a hose manufacturer, manufactures such hoses which are equally useful for general use in automotive for cooling systems, air conditioning, power steering, brake lines, windshield wiper tubing or hydraulics.

Endurance, bursting and vacuum collapse test is done to ensure perfect performance and quality. We take care of good sealingproperties at connecting points with maximum permeation resistance also, as per our name of quality hose manufacturer.

Multipurpose Expansion & Contraction Joints

Bridge series are performed elastomeric compression seals which allow you to effectively seal expansion joint with field proven long life and service capability.

The elastomeric expansion seal have highly resistance to deterioration from exposure to weather, sun light, oil and impacted load high recovering resistance, Tear resistance and excellent compression set, chemical resistance, high elastic modulusgood resistance against low and high temperature.

Shuttering Rubber Sheet

Neoprene Bearing Pad

As efficient bearing plates for pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete or steel beams in bridges and buildings. Neoprene pad-plain and laminated-manufactured by Maruti permits a smooth and uniform transfer of load from the beam to the substructure and allows beam rotation at the bearing due to deflection of the beam under load. They further allow lateral and longitudinal movement of the beam caused by thermal forces.

Neoprene pads have no movable parts and thermal expansion and contractions are observed by the pads enable to give and take in shear. There is no solid motion between pad and beam or between pad and abutment.

Maruti Expansion Joint Filler Board

Maruti expansion joint filler board is made from compressed dry wood fibres impregnated with bitumen prior to being compressed to ensure that to prevent cracking due to change in the weather and allows joint to freely expand in summer and contract in winters without damaging the concrete slabs. It also prevent the deposition of foreign material that help free movement of concrete during expansion & contraction and thus prevent cracking.

  •   External wall cladding
  •   Traffic Surface and internal Surface
  •   Building Structure
  •   Reinforcement concrete structure
  •   Bridges, highways, roads etc.

L.D.P.E. Film/Sheet/Liner

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) sheets are extensively used for protection of liquid contamination, agricultural, industry, industrial projects. LDPE film act as a perfect line to prevent foreign material entering through ground water source as well as prevent seepage loss in water conservation projects.

Other Applications:
  •   Agriculture
  •   Lining of Canal, reservoir, ponds
  •   Lining of industrial effluent plant
  •   Tunnels
  •   Packaging and wrapping
  •   Water roofing for terrace gardens
  •   For protection of food grains, fertilizers, cotton, chemicals, cement, constructions and power plants
  •   Concrete road and bridge
  •   Steel plants etc.

H.D.P.E. Film/Sheet/Liner

HDPE films mostly used in land fill applications, which protect the environment from the contamination produced by percolation of rainwater through the waste. A capping system will protect the landfill from further water infiltration.

Due to excellent chemical, physical, biological properties HDPE sheets are used for ground water protection and water engineering including the sealing of waste disposal sites, industrial lagoons and reservoirs.

Advantage of HDPE Films:
HDPE have high tear resistance, ozone, oxidation, weathering resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, flexibility, chemical resistance, proof resistance, low temperature resistance, friction resistance, high erosion resistance stating and migration resistance.

Copper/Metal Water Stop Seal

Copper/Metal Water Stop Seal is used for heavy structures, where joints are to be extra-ordinarily protected. Due to its ductile nature copper is the most suited material for this purpose.

Various shapes of copper may be used to serve the application is most common.

Shape either in the thickness of 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm.

The integrity of the water stop system depends on proper fabricated water stop splices to achieve a complete fluid tight system.

Thermoplastic Elastomeric Water Stop Seal

Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE) Water Stops made specifically from Poly Vinyl Chloride and blended with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber is undoughtily designer's best choice for chemical environment and all type of typical water applications. Our water stop is used as a watertight fluid tight diaphragm in concrete structure that provide good mechanical bounding with the concrete and a barrier against migration of liquid flow through the joints.

Maruti TPE water stop is resistance to a wide range of minerals, oils, solvents, alkalise, acids, salts and glycols, chlorinated sea water, fuels, aggressive chemicals and fluids. Maruti TPE water stop is resistant oxidation, ozone, has a good compression set resistance and reliance property at low temperature (up to -32ยบ C) with excellent ageing properties & good staining resistance.

PVC Water Stop Seal

PVC water stops are for use in concrete joints subjected to hydrostatic pressures. After being embedded in concrete, PVC water stops fill up the joints to form a continuous watertight diaphragm that prevents the passage of fluid. The water stop must be designed and installed properly to accommodate joint expansions, contraction and lateral & transverse movements. In addition to these consideration the water stop must be compatible with the concrete system and the liquids and chemicals to be contained or controlled. Maruti maintains its position of industry leadership by responding to the specific needs of our customer. Installation:
Most popular way of the placement of the water stop seal is tied to the steel frame works or small eyelet by means of small wires, certain metal clamps made to grip the water stop seal to keep it in proper position.